Pole dancing- is it sexy?

The truth behind the scenes has been revealed!

Pole dance was always historically associated with strip clubs and night clubs, with well toned and sexy women who have the stamina to do pole dancing. But in reality doing dance and acrobatics on a vertical pole can be extremely painful and hard.

Shakiyah and Hope gave me an insight into the whole pole dance club, here at Essex University and described it how it is in real life. If I think it through MAYBE they convinced me to join in. Break the stereotypes about pole dancing! It is all about fitness and physical exercise.

Here is the video we broadcast today, I hope you like it. I’m more than happy to hear about your views, just contact me.

It is the first time I did something like this. I tell you, this course is absolutely phenomenal. I completely LOVE it! I hope you do as well.


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