Societies shortlisted for the university’s Golden Guild Awards

The university’s Societies Guild has revealed that 18 student societies out of 135 have been shortlisted for top award this year at its Golden Guild Awards. Many more societies will receive standard awards at the ceremony on the 2 May.

The shortlist for the prestigious awards includes the following: Animal Protection, Chinese Student Scholars Association, Cypriot, Feminist, Film, Harry Potter, Islamic, Korean, Malaysian, Minigolf, Occupational Therapy, Origami, Public Speaking, Romanian, Science Fiction and Fantasy, Speech and Language Therapy, Theatre Arts, Writing.

There are seven groupings in the Societies Guild, which gather together different types of societies. They are Activities, Arts, Cultural, Departmental, Musical, Political and Representation, and Religious.

There are a total of 135 societies within the University of Essex, from which 51 societies achieved standards of all levels, which includes bronze, silver and gold badges.

The societies awarded for standards are: African Caribbean, Amnesty International, Animal Protection, Anime and Manga, Astronomy, Biological Sciences, BruEssex, Chinese Student Scholars, Choir, Comic Book, Christian Union, Cypriot, Duke of Edinburgh, Feminist, Film, French Connection, Ghanaian, Harry Potter, Hellenic, History, Human Rights, Islamic, Japan International, Juggling, Fire , Magic, Korean, Law, Liberal Democrat, Lithuanian, Make Up, Malaysian, Marketing, Model United National, Music, Nigerian, Nordic, Occupational Therapy, Origami, Palestine Solidarity Group, Photographic, Polish, Politics, Public Speaking, Punk, Romanian, Science Fiction and Fantasy, Speech and Language Therapy, St John Ambulance LINKS, Student Scouting and Guiding Association, Thai, Theatre Arts ,Writing.

Although not every society will leave the event with a prize, it is already a huge achievement to be shortlisted and recognized for the hard work done.

The event will take place Tuesday, May 7 at 7pm- 10:30pm in the Ivor Crewe A+B.  Tickets can be purchased online until Wednesday, 26 April at midday here  or at SU reception until Friday 28 April at midday. Everybody needs to pick up the paper ticket from SU reception by Friday.

Malaysian society-award for Event of the Year 2016

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