Chimney cake – Kürtőskalács now on campus

A chimney cake stand is now on campus every Thursday on square 3.

Are you wondering what is a chimney cake?

Simona Cringasu, the lady who makes and sells the cakes together with her husband, said that it is a Hungarian recipe originally from Transylvania dating from a ‘few hundred years ago’.

Kürtőskalács is made of a relatively hard and dry yeast-dough. A “twine” of dough is wrapped around the length of the spit, and then the spit with the strip of dough on it is rolled in sugar. Before or during baking, it’s brushed with melted butter.

The cake is ready when its surface has an even, brownish–red color. Strictly, homemade kürtőskalács can be made exclusively from natural ingredients (flour, sugar, milk, butter, eggs, yeast and salt).

After being baked the Kürtőskalács can be enriched by further aromas such as ground walnut, coconut or powdered cinnamon which make it even more special and delicious.

When I brought one to class, my classmates and lecturer were all amazed by the interesting outlook, they even called it a ‘bread with a hole’. They didn’t see or try one before. However, after trying it, they were absolutely positive about buying one next time, because they were just astonished by how tasty and traditional a ‘bread with a hole’ can be.

Why not come and try it out?!


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