Dating app-Hater review

This is a dating app on which you match with people on the basis of what you hate. Setting up your account is very easy. You can also choose to log in with your Facebook account or entering your details manually. At first it looks all mesmerizing and complicated in some ways. Firstly, different topics […]

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Stay- Alexandru- Ionuț Săndoiu

This is an original song, written and composed just 2 weeks ago by the talented Alexandru Săndoiu. This video is recorded at the Christmas Concert, which he organized last week. I’d like to have this weight taken off my shoulders, I’d like to have you tell me that we won’t make the same mistakes when we’re […]

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First radio package

  What is it really like to be a journalist? I asked myself after a few months of joining the uni. Of course I was aware what I got myself into, however, I wouldn’t have imagined that it could be so much fun. It’s not just having fun, and playing around with the equipment, it […]

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