First radio package


What is it really like to be a journalist? I asked myself after a few months of joining the uni. Of course I was aware what I got myself into, however, I wouldn’t have imagined that it could be so much fun. It’s not just having fun, and playing around with the equipment, it is actually hard work and learning new and essential skills.

Maybe it’s because I really love what I’m studying and I’m passionate about radio, but I really enjoyed myself recording this piece, and at my turn being a studio manager, as Jonathan calls it. That is, the producer, the person who is behind the desk, who is making sure everything goes according to plan, this meaning, making sure the levels are right, the clips start on spot, and also letting you know when you have 5 seconds left, so you can prepare yourself to read on.

Now, imagine that the radio presenter reads the cue which says:

“The Scottish Parliament is to vote on proposals to make smacking a child a criminal offence.

Scottish law currently allows people to use physical punishment to discipline their children under a defence called “justifiable assault.

Andreea Szasz reports”.


At the end Jonathan Baker, in case you are wondering who I keep talking about, is my lecturer and head of our department- do google his name-, asked me: “Do you like hearing your own voice?” Without thinking, I smiled and said: “YES”.




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