Dating app-Hater review

This is a dating app on which you match with people on the basis of what you hate.

Setting up your account is very easy. You can also choose to log in with your Facebook account or entering your details manually.

At first it looks all mesmerizing and complicated in some ways. Firstly, different topics come up which you either hate, love or skip. The subjects are very random such as ‘Friends the TV show’ or ‘the word “toilet”, cities, famous people, movies, food, drinks and so forth.


I absolutely hate it, because selecting what you like or dislike takes too much time, around 3 seconds per swipe, so you end up sitting there for ages. Then you can start swiping left or right for people you fancy.

Here, it has a pretty amazing feature, as you can select whether you want to match with people globally or locally, which is England, the whole country. This enables you to make friends worldwide, but it doesn’t help you at all if you just want to go out on dates, does it? I bet everybody would fly to the other end of the world just to meet you, right?!

Overall, I think this app has good potential, it is a unique idea, however, needs much more development. At the moment is just a waste of time. Not many people use it. I’ve swiped right for most of the people just to test it out, and haven’t got many matches, which means that people are not really using it. Furthermore, it does not help you at all if you genuinely want to meet people face to face, go out and talk with them and not just receive strange and sex-driven messages.





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