‘My journey from Essex to Luxembourg’

“I wouldn’t have got here without my perseverance and wish to succeed”, says Simina, one of the youngest trainees at the European Parliament.

I’ve been talking with the wonderful Simina Tulbure about her experiences in The European Parliament, in Luxemburg. She started her new job in October, last year. Simina is a beautiful Romanian, optimistic, young lady, who decided to come to the United Kingdom to study BA English Language with French and Portuguese as her undergrad. She loved it so much that she decided that she will continue studying and achieved a master’s degree at the University of Essex in MA English Language and Literature.

She is one of the youngest trainees at the Parliament and her current job is Liaison Trainee in the Directorate-General for Personnel, Contract Staff, Recruitment Unit. This is quite an achievement at such a young age. I was really keen on finding out how she got there and what more specifically she had to do to achieve her long dreamt wish.


“The process started 6 years ago, so it only took me 6 years to form my experience and to be suitable to apply here”, she said with a big smile on her face. That’s quite an interesting and long journey, I thought in my mind. “I have decided to apply for a job at the European institution after I have felt prepared to enrol in such a big adventure. It does require indeed a lot of effort to put in, and extracurricular experience.”, she continued.

Simina was a very active student while studying at the university, she got involved in many, many extracurricular activities and had different part-time jobs too, such as being a frontrunner for the Students Union vTeam, Events Frontrunner for the Communications and External Relations, Student Ambassador, Employability Ambassador, Venues staff at the SU Bar. She had also been engaging in all the volunteering opportunities. She was doing many volunteering hours as a project leader, as well as being the Secretary of the Romanian society on campus and volunteering for many other projects and organizations.

“All these part-time roles have definitely facilitated my road to obtain a full-time job after graduation, but not only the job roles but also the volunteering roles I have had over the years, have led to a full-time position as Volunteering coordinator.”, she said.


Now that we know how she got there, you might be wondering “What is she really doing?”, “What is her job all about?” Not to worry, she shared that information with me.

On a daily basis, she has to do administrative tasks such as being in charge of the Study Visits at the European Parliament, processing the early termination of contracts.


Currently, she is in the process of organizing the Job fair for trainees. This requires a lot of work – ringing companies to invite them, making presentations and so forth. She is not just sitting in the office, because she travels between the institutions as well. She says: “For this, I love my job. I have meetings with other European institutions, and I am going on a mission to the other two places of work, Strasbourg and Brussels as well.”


As I have already mentioned, she is amongst the youngest trainees at the European Parliament. There are some trainees older than her with several years, and they still haven’t managed to achieve what she has accomplished so far, so she emphasizes again that “my work experiences from Essex helped for sure in this situation, and of course I feel proud that I have achieved so much so quickly.” Simina also confessed to me that everyone is surprised of her age, her experiences, as well as the languages she can speak.

“I believe that if I really wanted to get somewhere higher here I could definitely do that, but it requires even more work than now, I think that the work has just begun, really!”

Lastly, I asked Simina what tips would she give to students who want to follow her path and start off their career at the “bottom” of the ladder.

“Go forward and move forward every time you feel you are stuck. You will get eventually to the end of the tunnel. Make the most out of your university experience. Get involved with Students union, take part in extracurricular activities and be ambitious to dream high. Because anyone can get where they want to. If you can dream it, you can do it. I wouldn’t have got here without my perseverance and wish to succeed. I was always getting involved in everything. Do the same! ”



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