Has Tinder lost its spark?

Most people use Tinder, or other dating apps, on a daily basis to get laid and hook up with people. Rarely can you find people who are actually looking for a long-term relationship over these dating apps. We live in such an era where you can just sit on your couch, in front of your […]

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‘My journey from Essex to Luxembourg’

“I wouldn’t have got here without my perseverance and wish to succeed”, says Simina, one of the youngest trainees at the European Parliament. I’ve been talking with the wonderful Simina Tulbure about her experiences in The European Parliament, in Luxemburg. She started her new job in October, last year. Simina is a beautiful Romanian, optimistic, young lady, who decided to […]

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How are Hungarians in Romania? – part 3

But how life really was for Hungarians in Romania after the two World Wars? The Hungarian minority living in Transylvania has suffered discrimination under Romanian rule. During the Communist Era, Marxist-Leninist internationalism gave way to nationalism in Romania, and the Hungarian minority suffered under the policies of leaders Gheorghiu-Dej and Ceausescu. Stalin used the support […]

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Stay- Alexandru- Ionuț Săndoiu

This is an original song, written and composed just 2 weeks ago by the talented Alexandru Săndoiu. This video is recorded at the Christmas Concert, which he organized last week. I’d like to have this weight taken off my shoulders, I’d like to have you tell me that we won’t make the same mistakes when we’re […]

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